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The Saga of Dane Wulfdin: Readings

Excerpt from Chapter 5: To Kill a Kraken

(William P. Robertson)
November 7, 2010
William P. Robertson & Fiona Ingram

This excerpt comes from Dane Wulfdin's fight with the kraken. Queen Shera sent him on this quest to save her merchant ships from destruction. She also wanted Dane to prove his love for her before agreeing to marry him.

After Dane's vision cleared, he watched water shoot from the kraken's torso, propelling it forward with amazing speed. Latching onto the flapping tail, he rode it to the surface for another gulp of oxygen. In the next instant, he was flipped high into the air to land not five feet from the huge right eye. Before he could poke out the orb, a tentacle twined around his waist. He shrieked as it sucked at his flesh, leaving bloody circles while it pulled him under.

Dane was lashed back and forth until cobwebs clogged his brain. Somehow, he drew his sword and hacked at the monster. It squirted blood and another cloud of ink when the blade bit deeper. Slashing with frenzy, he severed the tentacle that gripped him.

Again, the warrior shot to the surface for a lungful of oxygen before another tentacle pulled him under. This time, it yanked him straight into the monster's beak. As a tongue full of file-like teeth shot out to shred his legs, Dane drove his trident deep down the exposed throat until the creature regurgitated gore.