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The Saga of Dane Wulfdin: Readings

Excerpt from Chapter 4: Queen Shera

(William P. Robertson)
November 8, 2010
William P. Robertson & Fiona Ingram

In Chapter 4 Dane warily approached a gloomy castle built along the seashore. When he heard an immense door creak open, he drew his sword as a precaution. Instead of armed men pouring from the gatehouse, a single figure walked his way. He could see it was a woman by the tantalizing sway of her hips. Before she reached him, he was enveloped by a wave of intoxicating perfume that caused him to return his weapon to its sheath. War was the furthest thing from his mind when he beheld the desire radiating from the woman's face. This woman was Queen Shera, and she used her wiles to seduce and destroy men.  The following passage shows her working her magic on the Viking hero:

When Shera touched Dane's hand, a surge of excitement shot up his arm, and he studied her more closely. Although she was but five feet tall, every inch of her exuded sensuality. Her plaited, dark hair accentuated a complexion fair beyond measure, and her eyes were pools of shimmering emerald.

It was Shera's dress, though, that held the most allure. It clung to the queen's curvaceous form, glistening with eye-catching hues. Embroidered there in bright threads were the towers of her castle sitting amid fields of blue thistle and orange marigolds. The details were as dazzling as the colors, and Dane involuntarily reached out to touch the wonderful fabric of the queen's life story.

Shera entwined her arms around Dane's waist, and they lay in the sand to watch the red sun sink into the sea. She pressed herself against him until his mind blotted out all but her soft, hot skin. Then, her caressing hands massaged him until he didn't know his own name. When her lips sought his, fire surged through his brain to steal away the last vestige of cognizance.