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The Saga of Dane Wulfdin: Photos


Dane Wulfdin in Action

Detail of Dane Fighting the Dragon
Detail of Dane Fighting the Boar
Detail of Dane Driving the Chariot
Detail of Dane Fighting the Kraken

Dane's Opponents

Detail of Doomona the Witch
Detail of Gogmagog the Giant
Detail of Wolves
Detail of Bash the Ogre

Dane's Paramour

Detail of Queen Shera


Author Bill Robertson portrays a Viking at the 2010 Wellsboro Bookfest
Fiona Ingram: Writer
Artist David Cox sets up his display for the 2010 Wellsboro Bookfest.


Fiona's first children's mystery novel captured five awards. It is the first volume of her series, CHRONICLES OF THE STONE.
Bill's first horror story collection includes folktales, ghost stories, and Gothic terror published in magazines worldwide.
Ghost stories are the focus of Bill's second collection of macabre tales
TERROR TIME is Robertson's third collection of horror stories and his hardest hitting yet. The ghostly tales, historical horror & dark fantasy recreate fear at its finest.
Set against the backdrop of the French & Indian War, this historical fiction novel pits a resourceful frontier lad against the vicious Ottawa chief who murdered his father.
The second novel in the French & Indian War series gives a chilling account of the mayhem spread by the Delaware warriors of Kittanning, Pennsylvania and of Colonel John Armstrong's 1756 raid to destroy the Indian's terrorist base.
Introduces the boy heroes, Bucky Culp & Jimmy Jewett, & details the birth of the Bucktail Regiment
Details the hardships of the common Civil War soldier
Most action-packed Bucktail novel
Jimmy gets shot by the Rebs; Bucky by Cupid
The 13th Pennsylvania Reserves have their most casualties of the war
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