When I read This Enchanted Land, I was nose-to-nose with the same problem I've had with earlier Bill Robertson novels and short story collections, and I've read more than a dozen of them.  Like his other writings, the action is well-crafted, intensely vivid, and fast-paced.  This story propelled me through the pages at breakneck speed, from one adventure to the next, leaving me with my tongue hanging out like a happy beagle after a rabbit chase.  As I read, I did not just come to like Dane Wulfdin, hero of this time travel to the days when men were men and Vikings were the cocks of the walk, I became Dane Wulfdin.  The chronic problem?  This tale, like Robertson's others, is too soon over and the wait for his next book to be written and published will be excruciating.  His collaboration with Fiona Ingram created an enchanting reading, one could say, and David Cox truly outdid himself with the illustrations he contributed to this fascinating novel. Dan Day, Marketing Executive, Boonsboro, MD”

— What People Are Saying About THIS ENCHANTED LAND:

William P. Robertson and Fiona Ingram have produced a fun, little read called THIS ENCHANTED LAND. Illustrated by David Cox, it is the tale of a Viking wandering through enemy territory, Wales. Not the Wales of trains and Dylan Thomas, but a land of dragons, ogres, and witches. The authors use history to enhance the tale though there is as much magic as there is fact. The ending will surprise you, I can guarantee. David Cox does a great job of providing illos that don't ruin the story but add to it. (It's tougher than you might think.)” - G. W. Thomas

Dark Worlds

The wonderful illustrations of David Cox bring the magical words of this book to life as you stare into them and imagine being one of the characters described. Filled with love, despair, destruction, betrayal, and truth, this is a creative, action-packed work of literature to enjoy. Dane ventures through a land filled with such dangerous beings as ogres, witches, and dragons. Can he survive the test of will through his journey, or will he forever be damned to this enchanted land?” - Michelle Lichtenfels


This book was a quick read that allows the reader to explore the world of fantasy. It also allows the reader to journey with Dane Wulfdin as he travels through this enchanted land. This is the first book of fantasy that I truly found myself interested in. An enjoyable book that is filled with magical bits!” - Angela Simmons


This book is aptly named. Wales is a unique country, full of enchantment and legend. This is particularly true in the time period of the book--the Dark Ages. A land so well defended that the Vikings are not able to conquer it. Reminiscent of tales from the Brothers Grimm as well as the epic legend of Beowulf, this saga is full of giants, trolls, sorcery, and monsters. Dane, the only Viking survivor of a landing party in southern Wales, cannot gain ground no matter where he turns. He is stranded in this awesome land where he must battle warrior tribes, trolls and giants, but that is not the worst of his exceptional adventure. Oh, most definitely not! When he first meets Queen Shera, he thinks he is safe. He soon discovers the error of his thinking. Shera is a sorceress, a witch of seduction and mystery. He is so overcome with her wiles that he wishes to remain with her forever, and to do so means he must battle a kraken, a dragon, and still she wants more. She is a taker of the highest order and a giver of misery. The castle is full of wasted, almost corpse-like men, fed constantly with white "poppy powder." Dane knows the drug for what it is and somehow is able to avoid this nightmare. The book, a collaboration between Robertson (http://www.bucktailsandbroomsticks.com/) of the U.S. and Ingram (http://www.fionaingram.com/) of South Africa, is a fantastical horror story, a saga of intense drama and action, and a jolly good yet brutal legend. The authors' previous works have certainly provided fodder for this genre, and the illustrations are well suited to the era. The writing is populated with bits of poetry and unique artwork. The book is relatively short, but totally packed with adventure.” - Betty Gelean